SLAMDAM supporting flood affected communities

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What is a mobile dam?

The SLAMDAM, also known as the mobile dam is an innovative and low-cost technological solution to enhance resilience against floods. This technological solution is a mobile emergency barrier, which can easily be deployed when there is a threat of flooding. SLAMDAM’s unique design and material enable an exceptionally flexible solution for the emergency dam and water retention market.

The mobile dam is made out of EPDM, a synthetic rubber having unique properties related to heat, ozone and weather resistance. These properties allow for this dam to be used in many different conditions as an effective flood defense system. The flood barrier can be customized to meet local-specific requirements. Its benefits are:

  • Easily and rapidly deployable
  • Its lifespan is more than 50 years
  • Effective (TÜV-certified)
  • It is 100% recyclable
  • It can serve multiple purposes

How does it work?

Let us understand how this mobile barrier works. The highly stretchable EPDM material forms the basis for two internally connected compartments that have to be filled with water simultaneously and separately. This will create a heavy but solid emergency dam.

When flood water exerts external pressure on the dam, the compartment under stress is pushed ‘slightly’ upwards, whereupon the second compartment ‘slots in’, thereby ensuring the requisite counterpressure. This counteracts a lever effect. Moreover, this will enable the SLAMDAM to provide maximum resistance to the pressure exerted by high water levels.

Figure: Principle behind the working of SLAMDAM

The beauty of this technology lies in its simplicity as it is easy to deploy, operate, maintain and store. The same technology can also be used for multiple purposes like land reclamation, bridge over streams, irrigation purposes, dewatering of areas, protection of crops and as a flood protection barrier.









Figures: SLAMDAM being used for multiple purposes i.e. as a bridge, for land reclamation, to store water, as a flood protection barrier

SLAMDAM deployed in Gilgit Baltistan

The rising of flood water in the fast-flowing rivers and streams due to hill torrents and glacial melt induce a real-life threat of flooding in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.
In order to prevent these catastrophes, WaterSprint Ltd (Pakistan) and Zephyr Consulting (Netherlands) have implemented SLAMDAM as an effective solution that provides immediate relief to flood-affected communities.

The pilot project of SLAMDAM has been deployed in the Passu village in Hunza valley. The key objective was to demonstrate SLAMDAM as an effective flood protection barrier to adapt to climate change by enhancing resilience and reducing vulnerabilities to climate change-induced floods.


Preparation for deployment of SLAMDAM at the project location at Passu-Hunza Pakistan [1]

Preparation for deployment of SLAMDAM at the project location at Passu-Hunza Pakistan [2]






This flood protection barrier has not only protected the Passu community from the threats of flooding but also helped them in land reclamation and protection of their crops and orchards.

Figure: Deployment of SLAMDAM at the project location, Passu-Hunza, Pakistan [1]

Figure: Deployment of SLAMDAM at the project location, Passu-Hunza, Pakistan [2]

In a nutshell, SLAMDAM is an effective, economical and mobile solution that can be used for multiple purposes. Either you want to use it as a flood protection barrier or as a bridge over a stream, it is totally up to the use case scenario.

Figure: SLAMDAM deployed for flood-protection barrier/land reclamation, Passu-Hunza in Pakistan

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